Dear Sports Club, Academy and School Directors, welcome to Multisports Cyprus.

A well stablished business engaged in offering apart from soccer all kinds of sports services to all kinds of sports clubs and all levels for both male and female athletes and teams. Cultural tours and  activities either alone or combined with your favorite sports are also provided by our specialised cultural services department.

From professional and amateur down to youth, grassroots and school level, Multisports Cyprus guarantees to provide you with the best of services and provisions that will meet your team and or individual players requirements and standards. 

Our long years' of experience, our worldwide connections, and our commitment and love in sports, will constitute a successful and long term sports and business relationship based on trust and respect for the benefit of all parties involved.

Our Values & our secret of success for the vast growing international team clients.

  • Passion Love & Devotion for sports
  • Commitment 
  • Respect
  • TeamWork
  • Professionalism
  • Down to paper detailed agreement