First Aid / Health & Insurance

Terms & Conditions

Responsibility of the "Group" Leader

It is the responsibility of each team participant or organization (the “group”) to ensure that group members, staff and minors' parents accept, understand and follow the MultiSportsCyprus Camp or Tour (the “camp/tour”) rules and procedures. Each group must have a competent leader (the “group leader”) in charge to liaise with MultisportsCyprus staff. We recommend a ratio of one group leader to ten group members. 

Parent/guardian consent

It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure that all participants under 18 years of age have appropriate parent/guardian consent to attend the camp/tour.


The group leader is responsible for group members supervision at all times. MultisportsCyprus staff or their sub-contracted outdoor activity providers may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in any activity but the group leader is deemed to be responsible for overall group supervision, safety and behaving  according to Code of Conduct.

Group leaders are asked to remind group members to respect each other, others’ personal property and the environment. Noise levels are to be reduced especially in hotel accommodation and dining areas.

Loss and damages

The teams and groups themselves are responsible for any kind of loss or damage at any time during the camp/tour and for any reason and accept the participation of their members and use of facilities and equipment at their own risk. 

Property Damage and loss

Group members must not misuse or damage any property at the camp/tour facilities and the hotel where they will be accommodated. All breakages and losses to property reported will be the responsibility of the "Group" and its individual members. 

Health/Safety & Insurance

The "Group" is responsible to ensure that all participants are certified as in good health and fit enough to to train and exercise competitive sports and take part in any other fun and leisure activities of the camp/tour.

The "Group" is also responsible for the issue of travel insurance as well as for the issue of appropriate insurance cover against any kind of loss and or damage, at any time during the camp/tour and for any reason.

The "Group" is also responsible for providing their own staff physio or first aid providers at the time of the camp/tour, unless otherwise pre agreed and requested. Provision of professional first aid, doctor, ambulance or security men is at extra cost upon written request from the "Group" leader.

It is at the Group's own discretion and jurisdiction to refuse or stop their or any of their members participation in the events or activities if they judge that they or any member of the family or the team members run any risk to his/her physical and mental health without, however, the right of demand as to any financial or other claim for compensation.

MultisportsCyprus therefore, bares no responsibility for any kind of loss or injury, at any time during the camp/tour and for any reason to the participants. 

All health, safety and security measures and rules will be previously agreed and put down to paper agreement.

Covid Measures 

The tour organizers will follow all measures and guidelines provided by the Health ministry and World Health Organization as well as our Cyprus government authorities in relation to COVID 19 Pandemic and will implement if required any protocol provided for the organization of the sports tour activities.